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Strategic Plan Management and Fiduciary Support

Workplace Retirement Solutions

We provide comprehensive and ongoing fiduciary guidance, training and support to mitigate potential liabilities. We tailor our advice to the unique needs of our clients.

Plan fiduciaries must act as prudent experts under ERISA and are therefore held to a high standard of care with respect to plan-related decisions regarding investments, service providers, plan administration and general ERISA compliance issues.

Most prudent plan sponsors hire a financial professional to help them adhere to ERISA’s rigorous standards and to meet their objective of offering a best practices retirement plan to their employees. ERISA rules are clear — every decision you make as a fiduciary must be in the best interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries, and certain relationships may result in prohibited transactions.

By tailoring our advice to the unique needs of our clients, we are able to help you create retirement benefits for your employees that are truly best in class. As your co-fiduciary, we partner our plan sponsors to ensure they take a best practices approach to all 4 areas of fiduciary responsibility:

  • Management of plan operations
  • Investment selection and monitoring
  • Service provider selection and monitoring
  • Participant communication and education

Proper documentation is a must for plan fiduciaries. Our best practices approach will help make sure your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed.

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