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Fee Analysis, Benchmarking and Negotiation

Workplace Retirement Solutions

We utilize an RFP driven process to ensure apples-to-apples comparisons and to help maximize negotiating leverage to keep service provider costs reasonable.

According to plan sponsors, one of the most harrowing aspects of their fiduciary obligations is to ensure that plan fees are reasonable. From administration and recordkeeping to compliance and investment management—how can a plan sponsor feel assured that they are aware of all plan fees, understand them thoroughly and then determine their fair and reasonableness? It’s quite a task! As the prevalence of lawsuits against plan sponsors for allowing excessive fee charges continues to increase, the importance of conducting regular benchmarking studies is more important than ever.

At Cable Hill, as your dedicated financial professional, we are uniquely qualified, and proud, to undergo this complex task for you so that you feel confident in meeting your fiduciary obligation to ensure your plan fees are fair and reasonable. High fees can have a huge impact on ending balances, eroding the benefits that you are wisely taking advantage of.

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