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Our Focus: You

We created Cable Hill Partners to provide you with Advice at a Higher Level.

We are an independent wealth management firm, bound by the fiduciary standard: we put your needs above all other interests—including our own.

We give you clarity in your financial situation, a course to meet your goals, and the confidence to move forward.

Why Us?

We’re experienced. We have the knowledge to help you, the insight to guide you, and the maturity to understand the intricacies of your particular situation.

We’re committed. We are personally invested in you—whether you are an individual, family, business, or organization. You are our focus—personally and professionally.

We’re passionate. Speak to us for a few minutes and you’ll discern a difference. We bring an energy, a sincerity, and a dedication that attest to our love for what we do.

What Matters to You

Your needs are our priorities—so much so that we designed our team with you in mind. Here’s what sets us apart, and why it matters to you:

You have a single, skilled source for your wealth management needs. Your needs may be complex. We’ve likely handled similar situations before. We’re not learning on the job on your time. You benefit from our experience, our network of contacts, and our collective insight. If we can’t solve a problem directly, we’ll track down the best person who can.

You have a team that transcends more than one relationship. You’ll work with all of us and we’ll all get to know you. That’s how we like to work. We think your welfare is too precious to reside with the “brain trust” of just one person. You have peace of mind knowing that your wellbeing is a responsibility that we all embrace.

You have an empathetic and engaged partner. We’re nice people. We think that matters a lot; if you think so too, you’re probably the kind of person who should talk to us. But nice doesn’t mean vanilla. We’re engaged, energized, and absolutely committed to your success. We help you stay accountable to your goals and your dreams. And we hold ourselves to the same standard. Together, we believe we can move mountains.

You have definite preferences. We get that. In fact, we encourage that. We want you to be demanding. Expect exquisite service? We agree. Want a well-rounded relationship? We applaud that idea. We encourage multiple members of a family, business, or organization to get to know us. Our advisor team brings multiple perspectives; male and female; planning-based and investment-based; young and seasoned. If you have a particular need, we think we’re likely a good fit.