You’ve built your success, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to manage it.

Wealth brings you a lot of things, complexity usually being one of them. Simplifying it is what we do. You may not really be that interested in the mechanics of financial planning, wealth management and investment portfolios – or you may not have the time – but you want to know you’re getting the best possible solutions. To that end, when we built Cable Hill Partners we started with a vision; providing advice at a higher level. That means taking what we learn about you and putting it through the filter of our fiduciary standards so that the course of action we come up with is exactly right for your needs and in your best interests. Independence means we can work with any providers and any financial products without fear of conflicts or quotas.

It’s that simple.

  • Portfolio Management

    We believe in 3D investment portfolios: diligent, disciplined and dispassionate. Take out the emotion, put in the research, follow an objective diversification and highly strategic asset allocation process and monitor carefully. It’s hard for a lot of people, but not us. We typically embrace conservative and risk-averse investing strategies, establishing appropriate asset allocation and diversification parameters which mirror those beliefs. In addition, we apply stringent due diligence and multiple layers of research when we work with outside portfolio managers, screening for consistency of personnel, process, results, style and risk-adjusted performance. In all cases, we are involved throughout the construction, execution, monitoring and rebalancing of every portfolio. The end result is that you will have a customized investment strategy built entirely around your individual lifestyle needs, risk tolerances and aspirations.

  • Liquidity and Cash Flow

    Integral to each client relationship is a collaborative development of budgetary guidelines to ensure cash is readily available for your needs. To achieve this, we regularly review and rebalance holdings to provide proper liquidity for current requirements, new investment opportunities and unexpected emergencies.

  • Risk Management

    Risk level has everything to do with comfort level. Establishing appropriate risk parameters is personal to each client. Adhering to those risk guidelines is achieved through diversification across asset classes to reduce risk from changes in interest rates, credit, business performance and inflation, global economic factors and more.

  • Tax Management

    There are few things we advocate more strongly than tax efficient strategies in all aspects of financial life. While we do not provide tax advice to our clients, we regularly work with tax advisors retained by our clients to coordinate solutions that minimize the frequency and impact of taxable events.

  • Philanthropy

    Success offers the chance to do more in life, and big among our clients is the chance to give back whenever possible. Many of our clients are prominent patrons of Portland, Oregon and national charitable organizations, so we develop a range of charitable giving strategies that help our clients support the organizations and causes most important to them. In addition to doing good, charitable giving is intrinsically tied to prudent tax management. Everybody wins.

  • Estate Planning

    Our clients want their families to inherit more than just heirlooms. That’s why we make intelligent estate planning a cornerstone of our comprehensive wealth management. Cable Hill Partners works closely with estate planning experts to help minimize tax exposure and maximize family harmony as wealth passes from one generation to another. We also specialize in crafting and administering business succession plans for family-owned companies and other closely-held businesses.

  • Education Planning

    The escalating costs of higher education raise the eyebrows of even our most successful clients. This has made education planning an integral part of our wealth management conversations. We help assess costs, identify appropriate college savings plans and build investment strategies so that the children and grandchildren of our clients can pursue their dreams.

  • Cash Management Services

    Our concierge service provides highly personalized attention from representatives of the firm who are trained to assist clients in virtually all financial management activities.