A methodical process to help you move forward.

Whether you’re an individual or family, an executive or business owner, have a foundation or oversee an endowment, you want advice and guidance to help navigate important decisions. We commit ourselves to gaining a thorough understanding of your life: not just your balance sheet, but also your hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns. And then we fully invest our energies, insights, and experience in helping you wherever and whenever your wealth touches your life.

  • Client Discovery: Who You Are

    Each client relationship begins with essential conversations about the key financial and personal issues they face. These conversations extend well beyond discussions about the markets, risk tolerances and investment philosophies to uncover the personal values and family dynamics that shape their most important goals and most pressing concerns.

  • Goal Definition: What You Want

    Working alongside our clients, we identify, define and refine what they want to achieve today and how they envision tomorrow. From retirement planning, education funding or discovering more intelligent ways to borrow, to business succession plans and preserving assets and values over time, this portion of the process sets priorities and outlines our collective expectations moving forward.

  • Plan Development: How We Can Help

    Utilizing a holistic lens encompassing client assets across personal and business holdings, we present a comprehensive, fully integrated and completely customized wealth management plan. Each plan features bespoke recommendations and insights on investments, borrowing, liability protection, estate planning, philanthropy and more.

  • Implementation: How We Move Forward

    With client feedback taken into account, we now move to the implementation and monitoring phase of our process. On the investment side, we continuously evaluate asset performance and guard against overweighted portfolio sectors, rebalancing holdings whenever necessary. In other areas of the plan, we collaborate with the firm’s strategic partners and outside advisors our clients have retained to address their needs in lending, insurance, tax and estate planning and more.

  • Ongoing Communication: How We Make Sure We’re On Track

    Through regular phone, email and face-to-face meetings, we make sure our clients fully understand the progress they are making against stated objectives. This is highlighted by monthly performance reports and holistic quarterly reviews, providing the basis for deeper conversations where we focus on specific areas of the plan.